By e-bicycle from shaft to shaft of Labin mines

Day 1


Arrival at the hotel in the afternoon. Checking the correctness of bicycles, meeting with an expert guide, getting to know the destination, getting to know the riding routes.

Welcome cocktail, dinner, overnight.


Day 2

After breakfast departure by bicycle accompanied by a guide to Raša, the asphalt road through Labin. Raša is the youngest town in Istria, created exclusively for the needs of mining. Construction began in 1936 and was built in just 547 days.

On the way to Raša, we visit the Krapan shaft, where coal mining in the Labin region actually began. Coal was discovered in the Krapan area in the 17th century. After visiting the entrance to the Raša mine, we will visit the newly opened mining house.

We continue on the macadam road along the abandoned railway line leading to the old Vlaška thermal power plant. This line used to transport coal to the thermal power plant. Driving further along the railway, we reach Bršica-port in the Raška Channel, where coal used to be loaded on ships and exported to the world. After a short stop, we take the asphalt road to Trget, enjoying the beauty of the Bay of Raška. Lunch at the tavern Nando (salted sardines and homemade lasagna with seafood).

After lunch, we return to Rabac by the asphalt road through the villages of Salakovci and Kapelica.

Dinner, overnight.

The length of the trail is about 30 km.

3. Dan


After breakfast on the asphalt road, we set off to tour the mining shaft in Vinež. "The Labin Republic lasted from March 2 to April 8. Their motto was "Kova je nasa" (mine is ours). The miners organized the government, the armed guards and managed the mine themselves. The uprising was quelled, 40 miners were arrested and 2 were killed.

We continue our way to Štrmac through Dubrova and pass one of the most beautiful sculpture parks in Croatia, where there are 95 sculptures by famous Croatian and world sculptors. We arrive in Štrmac, visit the place where the shaft-entrance to the mine used to be. Today there are still ground floor houses where miners lived, shops and villas where engineers lived.

Next is a holiday and "mining brunch" in the inn "Strmac" - polenta with homemade sausage scab and chicory salad.

We drive further, along the bike path through the woods to Ripenda, where we stop at the former entrance to the mine, a shaft that was built in the 70s of the 19th century.

Driving towards Rabac on a macadam road, we admire the view of the Kvarner Bay and the islands of Cres and Lošinj.

Arrival in Rabac, dinner and overnight.

The length of the trail is about 26 km.

4. Dan


After breakfast time to wash and service bicycles.

Free time for swimming and lunch.

After lunch visit to the wellness center, sauna and massage with aromatic oil of Mediterranean plants.

Gathering strength for the next day when a slightly more demanding atapa awaits us.

Dinner at the hotel, overnight.

Day 5


After breakfast we drive towards Potpićan, passing by an asphalt and partly macadam road through Nedešćina and Boljevići, an area known for its wine and beautiful vineyards that we have the opportunity to see along the way. We stop briefly in Kršan and see the shitty town. In the middle of the 19th century, a “Istrian divorce” medieval document on the literacy and life of Croats in this area was found in Kršan.

Just as Raša is the youngest town, so Potpićan is the youngest town in Istria. It was built next to the Pićan mine in the early 1950s, and is now quite neglected. After a short rest and refreshment, we drive towards the Port of Plomin, and on both sides of the macadam bike path we have a view of the olive grove, mostly planted with the indigenous variety Plominka. Upon arrival in Plomin harbor, lunch and tasting of olive oil in the restaurant Bukaleta (Istrian maneštra, gnocchi with venison and fritters).

Lunch is followed by a tour of the thermal power plant.

Plomin Luka was chosen as the location because of its convenience; although at the time of the construction of TPP Plomin 1 most of the coal came from a nearby coal mine, even then part of the coal was delivered by sea.


Arrival in Rabac, dinner, overnight.

       Day 6



Free time for individual sightseeing, swimming, walking.

Dinner, overnight.


         Day 7

After breakfast, return home.