The Third Kvarner Shrimp Festival, Rabac, May 25

Started as a small local fishermen’s festival, it took only four years for Kvarner Shrimp Festival to become the most popular gastro event in the south-east Istria. In a relaxed atmosphere at the Rabac waterfront with live performances of popular music bands, local caterers prepare dishes using Kvarner shrimp, the most popular sea delicacy of the Kvarner Bay. Caught by the local fishermen, members of Alba Fisheries Local Action Group, festival’s organizer, shrimps are prepared as a classic risotto, shrimp sauce with polenta, to pads filled with shrimp cream and many other variations served with the finest wines from Labin area award-winning wine-makers. Feel the atmosphere of the fishing festival and discover the local delicacies from Rabac gastro offer.