Experiences to Remember Tours

Make the most of your visit to Labin and Rabac and enjoy the attractive special tours offered by Atlas Rabac agency, which you will remember for a long time after visiting Labin and Rabac. Half-day tour ‘Sentona’s gardens’ tells the story of the Liburnian goddess Sentona - the patroness saint of the travelers, a symbol of beauty and fertility that acquaints you with natural beauties and replenishes Istrian country fruits. The tour includes a visit to Negri family olive grove and tasting of their oil listed among the finest extra-virgin oils in the world, a visit to vineyards and wine tasting, homemade cheese, Istrian prosciutto, kroštule (sweet pastry) and Muscat from the award-winning winemaker Goran Baćac’s wine cellars.
‘Stone, coal and then it all began..." tour tells the story of exciting mining history, stone carving and the industrial and architectural heritage of Labin and its surroundings. Guided by an expert guide and a true lover of the mining heritage, you will visit the National Museum of Labin and the mine replica, Labin mine shaft and Raša, the youngest town in Istria, and taste the typical Istrian food once served to farmers and miners.
And for adventurers we recommend ‘Istrian Hillforts - on the roads of Sir Francis Richard Burton’ trip. In 1870, an English diplomat, archeologist, adventurer, writer, translator, researcher and spy visited Rabac and Istria in order to present the European scientific community with hillforts - the prehistoric settlements in Istria. Follow his footsteps and discover the most hidden corners of Labin and Istria.