Labin Old Town Night Tour on Tuesdays

Do you believe there’s a mine hidden inside a Baroque palace? Do you know who invented the speedometer? Do you know that the closest associate of Protestant reformer Martin Luther was a man born in Labin? You’ll find all the answers to these questions in a free-of-charge Labin Old town sightseeing tour, organized on Tuesdays after sunset. Because of its quality, preservation of cultural heritage and interestingness, the tour has been awarded by the national Simply the Best award.
Walking through the narrow alleys and picturesque squares surrounded by noble palaces, discover the rich history of medieval Labin. Listen to female guides dressed as the local Sentona goddess, the patroness of travellers, and find out who were the Liburnians, and the end of the battle against the Uskoks, while your male guide dressed in a mining uniform will proudly tell all about the famous Labin Republic and the local miners’ riot.
The tour starts at 9:30 PM in front of Info point in Labin Old town and finishes at 11 PM in front of Negri palace. The tour is free-of-charge, available in Croatian, English, German and Italian.