Half-day excursion

The goddess Sentona, protector of travellers, is a symbol of protection, beauty and fertility, which provides all visitors of Labin with refreshment and relaxation. The tour starts in the morning by visiting the olive grove of the Negri family in the vicinity of the village Brgud above Trget where the kind host, a prize-winning olive oil producer.

They will make us familiar with the peculiarities of olives, which grow on barren land on the east coast of Istria, and tell us about the process of producing the extra virgin olive oil. After a pleasant walk through the olive grove we continue to the village Kukurini located below the mountain on which the medieval town of Pićan is located. There we will visit one of the vineyards and will have the opportunity to enjoy a great view on Pićan . After stroll through the vineyard we will visit the winery.

After a nice walk through the "gardens" you definitely must try the fruits of Sentonas soil. First we will be offered to taste several brandies that are typical of Istria. With semi-hard and hard cheeses we taste the chosen oils of Negri and with the smoked ham we will drink some white wine - Malvasia "Calypsa Histria" and some red wine - Teran "Calypsa Nera" of the winery Baćac. As a conclusion we will be sweetened by “pićonske kroštule” which we will have with the dessert wine Muscat.

07:45 - Departure from Rabac
08:15 – Arrival to Brgod, olive tasting
10:30 – Arrival to Kukurini, visit of vineyard and wine cellar. Wine, olive, cheese, tasting
13:15 – Aeparture to Rabac
13:45 – Arrival to Rabac

Transfer, guide and degustation included in the price