They say another name for romance is sunset. 
The sky full of colors is the ideal backdrop for walks filled with feelings of happiness.
The view of the beautiful horizon at dusk is a special attraction for many hedonists.
And indeed, you should always take the time to find the perfect sunset spot while traveling.
You don't have to travel to the end of the world to enjoy a breathtaking view.
It is enough to visit Skitača, a mystical place in the immediate vicinity.
After this unique experience, the pleasure continues with the tasting of excellent wines and oils from our region,
accompanied of course by typical local products.

19:00 – departure from Rabac.
Drive to the Old Town of Labin, Salakovci, Brovinje.
Upon arrival at Skitača, walk towards Brdo to ŠKOLNICA (Tears of St. Lucia).
Climbing the hill, watching the sunset, taking photos, filming
On the way back, we stop at family farm Juričić, walking around the farm, wine and olive oil tasting.
Return to Rabac approx. 22:30 hours